Electrolyzium 1-2-3 Bundle – Sample library

Electrolyzium 1-2-3 Bundle - Sample library

Get the 3 Electrolyzium packs in a bundle for 33% off! These 3 libraries are consisting of more than 1500 loops and 3000 one-shot samples in total.

Check the separated descriptions and demos below!

Electrolyzium 1

Electrolyzium is the essential full package for your Electro, Progressive House or Trance track destined to be “da bomb” in the clubs!

This package is a mix of progressive electro and trance samples, loops and sampler sounds from the Anjunabeats superstar Sunny Lax, cautiously selected and mastered by Samplerbanks. BPM range is between 128-134, all with precise key indication to keep up the speed. ELECTROLYZIUM blends the modern electro and trance elements, focusing on exotic leads, electro basslines and groovy progressions while provides the pumping contrast that makes the real excitement and vibe of the dance floor.

Detailed and groovy multi-layers of modern crushing basslines perfectly match the included 130 kick drums. Accurately crafted melodic chord-sequences, arpeggios are all there to evoke the aura of aliased and dirty Electro sounds whereas providing the uplifting floating passion. All the 270 drum loops are made in “No-Kick” style to give you total flexibility in the creation, also providing hundreds of one shot Drum Samples to spice up the grooves. There are some classic upward / downward textures in the powerful FX section, but this is also the place of some more esoteric and evolving crazy stuff perfect for ElectroTechnoTrance as well.

As a bonus, you will also get some multi-sample sets of the finest of new and old-style synth sounds for the popular software samplers. We made every sample ready to mix for you, thus the majority of sounds are far from over-processed to make more space for your effect arsenal. All you’ll find here are royalty free sounds only, so you do not have to pay any licence fee for further use.

If you are a producer or DJ in the need of busy no-kick grooves, modern basslines, shaky leads and crazy uplifting pitch-bent chord progressions for your next track or DJ SET, Electrolyzium will prick up your ears!


ACID WAV: 378 manually sliced ACID WAV, 378 manually sliced REX2 loops, 48 Sampler presets in EXS24, HALion, Kontakt, SampleTank and sfz format, 929 one shot samples, 1754 samples, 450 multisamples

Reason ReFill: 378 manually sliced REX2 loops for Dr.Rex / OctaRex / NN-XT, 48 NN-XT patches

In case of doubt, buy the ACID WAV version, its content is fully compatible with any software.


Electrolyzium 2

Levente Marton a.k.a Sunny Lax presents Electrolyzium 2, the successor of the top-charting Electrolyzium sample pack.

Levente provides insight into the creative process: “I really enjoyed working on the second edition of Electrolyzium. Making a quality sound pack is always a challange, you may come up with incredibly good sounds and it also helps your personal growth as a producer. Being in the music industry for more than 12 years I have always thought I knew a lot, but during the process of making this pack I managed to develop some new techniques that produced some new, great sounds.

Just an example: I was brainstorming on one of the loop of Electrolyzium 2, and I was so inspired by the sound that I started to work on a new song instinctively. The result is one my latest track that was so well praised by my label “Anjunabeats” that it was put right to the Anjunadeep 04 compilation.

Coming from the trance background I feel all the confines are dissolved: it is not surprising to hear an electro house bass line in a trance track these days. My latest track released at Anjunabeats called “Contrast” is influenced by a smack of electro house and progressive house impact. This is one of my most successful tracks played by Armin van Buuren, Paul Oakenfold, Markus Schulz, just to name a few. Personally, I ascribe this success to expanding the genre borders. The main trend of Electrolyzium 2 is characterized by electro and progressive house, but I encourage you to use it in trance,progressivecomplextro and techno tracks as well to step across the genre limits and create something new.

You will not be disappointed either if you are a fan of Deadmau5AfrojackBenny BenassiFedde Le Grand or the Grammy-awarded Skrillex – I was inspired by all of them and I hope you will be too!”

You’ll find many loops in Bass, Drum, Synth and Top Loops category, plus hundreds of Claps & Snares, Closed Hihats, FXs, Kicks, Open Hihats and Percussions, all featuring the watermark style of Levente Marton.

  • ACID WAV: 515 manually sliced ACID WAV, 515 manually sliced REX2 loops, 20 Sampler presets in Kontakt, HALion, EXS24 and Sfz format, 902 one-shot samples
  • Reason ReFill: 515 manually sliced REX2 loops for Dr.Rex / OctaRex / NN-XT / Redrum / Kong, 20 NN-XT Advanced Sampler patches, 5 Redrum Drum Computer patches


Electrolyzium 3

“The way boundaries are melting between music genres the same way Electrolyzium transforms into contemporary yet something very unique in its latest reincarnation. Today’s pop music is being drenched into musical elements and phrases that would have been imaginable only in Dubstep, Electro, Progressive or Underground some years ago.

A typical example is one of my latest track called “Marvel” (played by Above and Beyond, Super8 & Tab, Marcus Schossow, etc.) which was inspired by the creation process of Electrolyzium 3. It’s genre is trance, which is obviously very different from the trance it used to be at the time of the millenium: the base of the track is a fat, saturated and distorted bassline that may work well in today’s Electro or Progressive tracks. So the limit is only our imagination and we can spread similar music reflections to much wider audiences.

The fundamental principle of “less is more” has never been so dominant as these days: only a few but very elaborated and strong sounds are presented in a track that makes the a big impact on all PA systems, be it a small club or a huge festival with thousands of music lovers. Being effective with lesser sounds is much harder compared to masking the errors of the mix with many simultaneous sounds. For this raw, beefy sound you’ll need the best material and this is why I recommend Electrolyzium 3 for you. This is the result of 14 years of professional experience, I used special techniques you won’t find on blogs or YouTube tutorials.”

Each and every sample and loop has been refined up to the finest details, so as they instantly fit into the mix. The listener will be attracted by the elementary, gripping sound, be it a deep bass, a sharp wonky lead or a multi-layered percussive top loop.

This pack consisting of nearly 600 loops and 1400 one-shot samples is a worthy next episode of this best-selling series.

All loops and samples are key and tempo labelled and 100% royalty-free.

If you are into ComplextroEDMDubstep or Progressive you should not miss it!”

    • ACID WAV: 578 manually sliced ACID WAV, 578 manually sliced REX2 loops, 31 Sampler presets in HALion, Kontakt, EXS24, sfz and NN-XT formats, 1385 one-shot samples (200 Claps Snares, 228 Closed Hihats, 82 FX, 291 Kicks, 274 Open Hihats, 310 Percussions)
    • Reason ReFill: 578 manually sliced REX2 loops for Dr.Rex / OctaRex / NN-XT / Redrum / Kong, 31 NN-XT Advanced Sampler patches, 4 Redrum Drum Computer patches with one-shot samples (200 Claps Snares, 228 Closed Hihats, 82 FX, 291 Kicks, 274 Open Hihats, 310 Percussions)

Get the 3 Electrolyzium packs in a bundle for 33% off! These 3 libraries are consisting of more than 1500 loops and 3000 one-shot samples in total.